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澳门传真内部绝密信封 澳门传真内部绝密信封
The products of Zhuhai plant are mainly applied in automotive, computers, security and optoelectronics, and other fields

Founded in 2017, Zhuhai Suntak Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhuhai Plant) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suntak Technology Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in producing electronic circuits. Zhuhai Plant covers an area of 260,000㎡, and the master construction plan was completed in three phases, including Zhuhai No. 1 Plant, Zhuhai HDI Plant, and Zhuhai High-layer Board Plant, of which the overall construction area and floor area of Zhuhai No. 1 Plant are about 100,000㎡ and 30,000㎡ respectively, and the products mainly include multi-layer boards, which have been applied in automotive, computers,  optoelectronics, etc. 

  • 267K㎡

  • 500

  • Automotives, Computer, Optoelectronics , Mobile Phone

  • 180,000㎡

  • HVAC 

    Craft show

    Layers 6L
    Board thickness 1.6±0.16mm
    Material SL S1000H
    Line width / space 0.152/0.15mm
    Minimum aperture 0.25mm
    Resistance welding 10-50um
    Thermal grease 120+/20um
    Surface treatment ImmersionTin
  • Motherboard (Laptop)

    Craft show

    Layers 8L
    Board thickness 1±0.1mm
    Material S100H
    Line width / space 0.091/0.05mm
    Minimum laser drilling aperture 0.2mm
    Surface treatment Sink gold
  • Camera

    Craft show

    Layer 6L
    Board thickness 2mm
    Material IT180A
    Width/ line spacing 0.142/0.06mm
    Minimum aperture 0.2mm
    Surface treatment OSP
  • TV

    Craft show

    Layers 6L
    Board thickness 1.0mm
    Size 588*78mm
    Minimum aperture 0.2mm
    Surface treatment Sink gold
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  • Preh Joyson Outstanding Contribution Award

  • HIKVISION Best Quality award

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  • BOSCH Outstanding supplier

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