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澳门传真内部绝密信封 澳门传真内部绝密信封
The products of Shenzhen plant are mainly high layer, used in communication, server, medical, aerospace, and other fields.

Founded in 1999, Shenzhen Suntak Multi-layer Circuit Board Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Plant) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suntak Technology Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in producing electronic circuits, and specialized in the development, manufacture and sales of multi-layer PCB, which have been mainly applied in communication, servers, medical, aerospace and other high-tech fields. The company has professional technicians and management teams, which can meet the technical, quality and delivery needs of customers.

  • 35,000㎡

  • 900+

  • Communications, Servers, Medical,Aerospace

  • 60,000㎡

  • Transceiver

    Craft show

    Layers 22L
    Board thickness 3.0±0.3mm
    Material IT968
    Impedance 36groups
    Back drilling 15groups
    Hole-to-line 0.175mm
  • Server mainboard

    Craft show

    Layers 16L
    Board thickness 2.36±0.22mm
    Material IT968G
    Aspect ratio 6.4:1
    Impedance 32 groups
    Back drilling 6 groups
    Hole-to-line 0.175mm
  • Four dimensional color ultrasound equipment

    Craft show

    Layers 18L
    Board thickness 2.4mm
    Material EM827
    Line width / space 0.076/0.076mm
    Surface treatment 沉金
  • ZTE Best Overall Performance Award

  • CommScope Quality Excellence Award

  • Supplier Performance Recognition

  • Cloudnineinfo Strategic partner

  • EMERSON Excellent supplier

  • National intellectual property advantage enterprises

  • National intellectual property demonstration enterprise

  • Shenzhen Industrial Award

  • Guangdong May Day Labor Award

  • Famous and high-quality high-tech products

  • Science and Technology Award

  • National Torch Plan

  • Science and Technology Progress Award

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  • Become a world-leading manufacturer of Circuit board


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