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On November 14, 2022 BOSCH AP Supplier Conference themed with “Marching forward for a carbon-free future” was successfully held, during which SUNTAK, as an important PCB supplier of BOSCH, won BOSCH’s AP Outstanding Supplier Award of Sustainable Development.


BOSCH is a world-known comprehensive large-sized transnational enterprise, with outstanding achievements in automobile and intelligent traffic technologies, industrial technologies, consumables, energy and construction technologies, etc. Over the years, BOSCH has made remarkable contributions to the field of carbon neutrality, and is the world’s first large-sized transnational enterprise achieving carbon neutrality as early as 2020.

BOSCH has a total of over 5,000 suppliers in Asian-Pacific region, and over 500 world’s leading enterprises engaged in manufacturing and supply chain gathered together at the Supplier Conference upon invitation, to jointly discuss and share the direction and plan for advanced manufacturing and supply chain development under the current context of “carbon neutrality and emission peak”.

SUNTAK, as an important PCB supplier of BOSCH, is also invited to participate in the Supplier Conference, during which SUNTAK had a friendly and in-depth communication with BOSCH and all excellent suppliers by playing promotional videos and delivering speeches under the theme of “carbon neutrality”.


In addition to the sharing of BOSCH and outstanding suppliers at BOSCH AP Supplier Conference, there is also an important supplier awarding ceremony. 29 suppliers won awards, including 2022 AP Outstanding Supplier Award, 2022 AP Potential Supplier Award, 2022 AP Innovative Supplier Award, 2022 AP Outstanding Award of Sustainable Development. SUNTAK was honored to win 2022 AP Outstanding Supplier Award of Sustainable Development awarded by BOSCH! SUNTAK is the only enterprise winning the award among all PCB suppliers, which is the high recognition of BOSCH for SUNTAK departments and factories, and also the praise and reward gained by SUNTAK for providing strong supports to BOSCH for a long term!


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