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On November 9, 2022, ZTE 2022 Global Supplier Partner Conference was solemnly held in Shenzhen. As the core strategic supplier of ZTE, SUNTAK gained high recognition from customers again, and won the Best Comprehensive Performance Award.


Under the theme of “Making progress and advancing together”, ZTE 2022 Global Partner Conference was attended by over 300 strategic and core suppliers across the globe and ZTE representatives, and Ms. Peng Weihong, Senior Vice President of SUNTAK was invited, and had an in-depth strategic cooperation communication with ZTE senior leaders.

During the conference, ZTE awarded outstanding suppliers with 8 honorary awards, including “Gold Medal Customer Manager, Gold Medal Quality Manager, Best Service Support Award, Best Delivery Support Award, Best Technical Innovation Award, Best Quality Performance Award, Best Comprehensive Performance Award, and Global Best Partner” for their strong supports. SUNTAK won the Best Comprehensive Performance Award, which is the high recognition for the great endeavors made by SUNTAK people in 2022, and also an important step of its strategy of striving for excellence.

ZTE 2022 Best Comprehensive Performance Award is mainly evaluated from quality, delivery, cost, service and other dimensions. SUNTAK stood out from hundreds of manufacturers with its outstanding delivery performance, and excellent cost control capacity over the years, and won the “Best Comprehensive Performance Award”.

Next, SUNTAK will continue to adhere to its vision of “becoming the world’s leading circuit board manufacturer”, stick to the quality and delivery lifeline, constantly optimize supply chain and process, implement production transformation, comprehensively improve customer satisfaction by taking management measures, work together with the upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain, accumulate experience and promote the global development of 5G.

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